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Seeking a way to slash operational costs while keeping everything out in the open with your customers? Providing a transparent pricing model, Dual Pricing ensures you save, and your patrons know exactly where they stand. Delve into the dynamic that blends both savings and clarity.
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Why Businesses Are Jumping On Board

Financial Flexibility

Two price points mean you can cater to a broader spectrum of your clientele. Whether it's regulars who are fans of cash or businesses that lean on credit, you're ready for both.

Savings on Transaction Fees:

By incentivizing cash payments, you can significantly reduce the costs associated with credit card transactions. This means you keep a bigger chunk of your earnings without having to pay those often hefty processing fees.

Trust Through Transparency

Clearly showing your customers the costs associated with different payment methods can bolster their trust. It’s a direct way of saying, “We value honesty and clarity in our transactions.” In a world where hidden fees are common, your transparency can set you apart.

Peek From the Consumer's Side


Customers love options. Whether they're chasing a cash discount or racking up those credit card points, choice is king.


Offering clear, transparent pricing choices helps customers feel informed and valued. They'll appreciate knowing they can pick a deal that best fits them.

Savvy Savings

In the eyes of the consumer, a chance to save or gain added benefits wins brownie points.

How it Works

With Dual Pricing the customer can pay a 4% fee for using a credit card, which covers the cost of the processing fees. On a $10 transaction the customer would pay $10.40. You’d be funded $10.40 and pay a fee of 3.846% (40 cents) so you get your full $10 and effectively pay nothing for that transaction.

Alternatively, the customer can choose to pay in cash and avoid paying the fee. The discount for their cash payment would appear clearly on their receipt.

A few things to keep in mind:

Safety First, Always

Trust is the bedrock of business. With Polaris Payments, every transaction, be it the shuffling of bills or a beep of a card, adheres to stringent regulations. Rest easy knowing that while you're maximizing profitability and choice, we are helping to ensure compliance.

Frequently Asked Questions

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