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From Overwhelmed to Overjoyed: ATECH’s Stress-Free Transition to Polaris Payments

Founded in 1990 by Mark LeBerte, ATECH is a trusted name in commercial equipment repair. From its humble beginnings as a one-man operation, ATECH has evolved into a multi-million-dollar company servicing all of Tennessee and parts of Georgia, Arkansas, Alabama, Kentucky, South Carolina, North Carolina, and Virginia.

Despite their growth, they remain committed to their roots as a local, family-owned company, ensuring high-quality work for every customer. This commitment is evident in their 90-day "no quibble warranty" and 100% customer satisfaction guarantee.

The Problem

ATECH was experiencing challenges with its payment processing system. The company's operations manager, Ginger, was overwhelmed and overworked. With five locations across Tennessee, transaction reporting had become a confusing and time-consuming task.

The virtual terminal Ginger was using allowed keyed-in transactions, but didn’t distinguish between locations or offer separate user permissions. This resulted in a shared account for all employees, creating security risks each time an employee left the company.

Moreover, Ginger was dissatisfied with her current payment processor's high fees, lack of customer support, and inconvenient communication channels. Ginger was in need of a change.

The Polaris Payments Solution

We implemented the Polaris Gateway, giving Ginger the power to manage ATECH’s payments seamlessly across multiple locations. By allowing for separate users at each location, with adjustable permissions based on each user’s role, the gateway also added a layer of security and control over their payment process.

Recognizing Ginger's need for reliable customer support, our team also replaced impersonal 1-800 numbers by offering local support to address any concerns or issues she encountered.

The Outcome

Ginger noticed the positive changes immediately. Our solution provided a clear and organized reporting system, making it easy to monitor transactions at each location. We also implemented emailed invoicing and automated custom batch report emails, fine-tuned to ATECH’s needs.

Moreover, our transparent pricing structure led to a significant reduction in costs. Ginger saved over $10,000 in fees – an immense relief from her previous processor, which had increased her rates by 30 basis points.


Today, Ginger enjoys peace of mind, rather than wrestling with an inefficient payment system and overbearing costs.

Our collaboration with ATECH underlines our commitment to helping businesses overcome challenges with tailored, efficient, and cost-effective payment processing solutions. By listening to our clients and understanding their unique needs, we strive to deliver solutions that alleviate burdens and foster business success.

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