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We Value Our Clients and Your Trust.

We both know that trust isn’t something given lightly: it’s earned and re-earned everyday through action. Keeping your data safe isn’t just a task for us—it’s part of our ethos. Our skilled team works tirelessly to ensure that the safety of your financial transactions remains uncompromised.

Part of trust is also transparency, so we want to give you an overview about our practices at Polaris. 

Our investment in security isn’t just about protecting transactions—it’s about forging a lasting partnership built on trust and reliability. 

Understanding PCI Compliance

Payment Card Industry (PCI) compliance is imperative for any entity that processes card payments. It’s a set of security standards designed to ensure that ALL companies that accept, process, store or transmit credit card information maintain a secure environment. Staying compliant creates peace of mind for both you and your customers and creates layers of trust that help form the bedrock of strong customer-business relationships. 

We know, we know, this feels like jargon and may seem irrelevant to you, but we promise that it is vitally important to your business’s health. Let’s think of “PCI Compliant” as a short, dry way of saying to your customers, “We value you and want to earn your trust by keeping your precious financial data safe.” Being PCI Compliant is being a worthy steward of your customer’s trust and loyalty. 

How We Can Help

Knowing which practices are and are not compliant and secure can be tough. Did you know that many merchants we work with were handwriting credit card information onto pieces of paper or keying them into spreadsheets that were accessible before we helped them? Accessible, poorly stored information like this is a huge risk that is sadly common. 

Don’t shuffle guiltily if this is you. We can help! 

Card-not-present transactions like this are where Polaris Payments can give you a lot of value. We can work with you to create gateways that tokenize your customer’s data protecting you and them from potential harm.  

With Polaris Payments, you don’t need to stress over the intricacies of PCI Compliance—we’ve got that covered for you.

Every partner who chooses to work with us is ensured to be PCI compliant, which means:

  • Automatic Compliance: From the moment you onboard with us, the meticulous standards of PCI Compliance are automatically integrated into your business operations, saving you the legwork and guesswork.

  • Peace of Mind: No more anxiety over annual audits or the potential of non-compliance penalties. Your transactions are safeguarded within the trusted ecosystem of Polaris, which has an unwavering commitment to security standards.

  • Trust-Building with Customers: Your customers need to know that their financial data is safe when transacting with you. PCI compliance isn’t just a back-end operation; it's a trust badge, a commitment that you prioritize their safety. And with Polaris, this commitment is a given.

  • Staying Updated: PCI standards, like all technological parameters, evolve. Polaris is not just about ensuring compliance; it’s about adapting, innovating, and evolving. As the standards change, we're on top of it, making sure you’re always ahead of the curve.

Learn more about PCI Compliance here.

Clover terminal for merchants in white
Clover POS

Benefit from TransArmor 

For our clients utilizing Clover terminals, the TransArmor solution is at your service. TransArmor helps to protect your customer data with a robust combination of encryption and tokenization, which cloaks your customers' sensitive payment card data from end to end. It's security with simplicity—letting you focus more on your business and less on compliance.

The Biggest Security Advantage: Care

Our investment in security isn’t just about protecting transactions—it’s about forging a lasting partnership built on trust and reliability. 

Not so long ago, a client in the medical field noticed serious fraud after business hours. Deeply concerned, they reached out right away for help. Our responsive team was able to help them immediately. By the next morning, all of the fraudulent transactions had been fully voided. 

We know you are vigilant about your business. We are too and want to meet you where and when you need us most. Your financial security is our priority.

Polaris Payments’ Security:

Besides our human-centric approach, utilize powerful software to ensure an impeccable level of security. Our systems not only meet but often exceed industry security standards, making us a reliable custodian of your trust and data.

  • A Secure Payment Gateway: Our core operations are fortified against emerging threats and are always compliant with evolving data security standards.

  • You Focus on Business; We’ve Got Security Handled: With our robust measures, every transaction is secure. Focus on your business, knowing each transaction is handled safely for you and your customers.

  • Adhering to PCI Compliance: We uphold PCI compliance certification, adhering to the industry’s highest level of certification and PCI standards. 

As we navigate through the dynamics of payment processing together, know that with Polaris Payments, we are only a conversation away.

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