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7 Reasons to Go Contactless

We all want transactions to hit that sweet spot where speed meets supreme security—it’s here, now, with Tap to Pay technology. Tapping to pay is not only faster, it also cloaks each transaction in robust security, making it a favorite for businesses and customers alike.

What do we mean when we say "Contactless"?

Tap to Pay is a contactless payment method that allows users to simply tap their chipped cards or mobile devices, using services like Apple Pay, Google Pay, and others, to quickly and securely complete transactions at compatible terminals.

The term “contactless” refers to the fact that cards with this new feature don’t need to physically make contact with the card reader; rather than having to be swiped and keyed in, they can simply be held near a reader to pay. It works by using radio frequency identification (RFID), which has other popular applications in transportation ticketing and building access restrictions.

Many of our clients are excited to employ this new payment technology, and with good reason.

  1. Faster transaction time: no need to waste time swiping, signing, or typing a PIN.
  2. Reduced wait times: allowing you to serve more customers.
  3. Become their favorite: contactless card users may prefer retailers who accept contactless payments.
  4. Greater foot traffic in your business: especially for the early adopters, there is the potential to attract those with contactless cards as new customers with appropriate advertising or window signage.
  5. Increased revenue: studies indicate that consumers regard transactions of >$20 to be more acceptable when using contactless payments.
  6. Improved productivity: contactless transactions require minimal intervention from staff at the point of sale, freeing up your employees for other tasks.
  7. Still secure: contactless transactions use the same secure network as chip and PIN. In fact, because every tap generates a one-time unique code,  each transaction is even more secure than traditional methods.

    Still not sure about Tap to Pay security? Check out this video from the Wall Street Journal diving into the technology.

If you’re ready to take your business to the next level, connect with us and go contactless today.

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