“In eight years this is the only time I have recommended any vendor… Polaris Payments provides the service that the other companies claim to have.”

Steve, Mattress Mania


Changing a payment processor may seem daunting and risky, but Polaris made it very simple.

Kris, Impact Hub Seattle


We feel extremely fortunate to have found Polaris Payments - they were the perfect partner for our needs. Their commitment to customer service and to the philanthropic world is unrivaled and we look forward to continued partnership in the years to come. 

Kelsey, Construction for Change


“It was a no brainer, Polaris Payments saved us money… but saving money isn’t everything… their loyalty and integrity is beyond compare! We are quite happy with them!”

Janis, Hansen Dentistry


“I wanted to thank you for your superior efforts in getting us set up with Polaris. You have proven to be dedicated to saving business’ money as well as giving the highest quality of service. You are not just the average representative that shows up to earn their business and then disappear; you continually check in with us and strive to give us the best service. Thank you for going above and beyond. You give a higher standard of customer service. Thank you again.”

Dawn, Soundbridge Center for Dental Arts


“Anytime somebody can come along and say ‘I can save you a significant and substantial amount of money each month’ I’m going to listen! … We pride ourselves on having a very high level and very responsive customer service team. Polaris Payments is all automated and happening behind the scenes which gives our team more time to focus on more important more pressing service related issues.”

Dan, Terra Organics


“For all of you business owners. Jason [of Polaris Payments] gave us a great rate for our credit card transactions. He immediately called our point of sale company and made sure that his service would integrate with our POS company. To top it off we received a follow up thank you card. This guy is obviously old schooled on how to do business right…”

Stephanie, Baker Boys NW


“I’d like to highly recommend Polaris Payments credit card processing. Jason has provided excellent customer service and saved me 65%. After being over charged for years, it is a relief to finally have a credit card processor I can trust! I recommend Polaris Payments to any business that accepts credit cards. You will not regret allowing them to assist you and save you money!”

Tina, Vince’s Pawn Brokers


 “Getting us a better transaction fee is definitely going to help our bottom line! We saved 28% on our fees!”

Dr. Barrett of Advanced Ankle and Foot Clinic


 “Polaris Payments has come above and beyond. I’m extremely happy!”

Vicki, Thai Mekong Restaurant


“By switching to Polaris Payments I saved 54% on credit card processing. They helped me with my bottom line, and did it in a very speedy and professional manner! I’m so glad to have a processing company I can trust. They worked hard to customize my rates so they were the most advantageous for me. I know I can count on them for the best rates. I would like to highly recommend choosing Polaris Payments for your merchant processing needs.”

Jennifer, Paws-Abilities Total Dog Center


“I’d like to highly recommend Polaris Payments. Jason has provided excellent customer service and saved me over 25%. With more than $100 per month in savings, or $7,000 in just 5 years, I am excited to receive the savings he is able to provide.  I recommend Polaris Payments to any business that accepts credit or debit cards. You will not regret allowing Jason to assist you and save you money.”

Nhan, 4Ever Nails & Salon