Setup with Polaris in four easy steps:

1.    If you currently process credit cards, send a recent merchant statement to Polaris.

2.    Polaris will provide you a side-by-side analysis and review the overall savings and technology solutions.

3.    When you’re ready to move forward,

a.    Submit your basic business info here and send us a voided check - so we know where to put your money.

b.    Polaris will provide a link for you to digitally sign your application.

4.    Upon merchant account approval (usually takes one day), your Payment Processing Advisor will work with you to  update the processor via new or updated equipment, gateway, etc. (however you process payments). It often takes as little as a day or two to run your first live transaction!

That’s it! Sit back and enjoy saving money with great service & technology. And welcome to Polaris! 🎉