Receive $50 and a month of FREE processing*

Here’s How It Works:

1.  Send us a referral.

2.  Once we receive a processing statement from that referral, we'll send you a $50 Amazon Gift Card via email.

3.  If that referral results in a Polaris Payments customer, your company will receive a month of FREE processing (up to $300*). 

4.  It's that simple.

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Contact Name
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Person Making the Referral *
Person Making the Referral

Start Earning Rewards:

    Fill out this form to begin earning rewards. You will be contacted once we receive a statement from that referral, and if/when that referral results in a customer.


    The Fine Print:

    *If you refer a company that results in an Polaris Payments customer, you are still expected to pay the interchange and assessment fees during the month you receive free processing. 

    We will calculate as follows and credit your account in the following month:
    Total processing fees you paid in given month
    Less interchange and assessment fees
    = Credit to your account

    **We must receive a statement from the person you refer to receive the Amazon Gift Card.