Put your billing on autopilot. 

Join thousands of companies that use Polaris to automate their accounts receivable, reduce delays, and save money.

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Get paid faster

Businesses that use Polaris get paid 14 days faster on average.

Start getting paid on time

Streamline your operations with our A/R automation software.

Put an end to painful billing

Automate your collections and empower your accounts receivable team.

Yup. It works like a dream.

Upgrade your billing and get back to doing what you do best.


Store Card Info

No more time wasted on
keying cards manually.


Recurring Billing

Convert sales to cash
faster & with less effort.


Emailed Invoices

Create custom invoices
in seconds.


Pay Now Button

Empower your clients & get
paid from anywhere.



Want QuickBooks integration?

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Engage your customers with emailed bill presentment

  • Create and send invoices from anywhere - even at home!

  • Send reminders for payment due and past due

Allow customers to pay online at their convenience

  • Spend less time tracking down payments

  • No need to key-in cards at a terminal

  • Customizable payment portal with themes and your company’s logo

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