Please complete the Pre-Application Checklist below to ensure we provide the most comprehensive solution!

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Seattle Chamber, barter network, referral, etc.
Merchant Contact Name *
Merchant Contact Name
Give a rough estimate if we don't have a statement or if it's a new merchant. But if you have a statement handy, an accurate number would be most helpful!
This can be a rough estimate. The frequency is also important to note. Keep in mind that the merchant will still be able to run transactions over this high ticket number, but underwriting will typically ask for 3 months of recent bank statements if we submit a high ticket of over $5k.
Is next-day funding a priority? Keep in mind that depending on the solution we are integrating with, next-day funding may or may not be available.
Direct is directly with American Express. You'll have a separate statement, separate Merchant ID, and separate funding. You're on OptBlue if all your Amex transactions are on the same statement, same MID and same funding as Visa, MC, and Discover.
Be as descriptive as possible. For example, "swipe cards using a mobile reader, and key-in recurring transactions on a virtual terminal."
For example, "Clover GO for mobile transactions, and Infusionsoft with for recurring payments."
Do you accept EMV? *
Do you accept debit? *
Do you process ACH payments? *
Do you accept gift cards? *
Do you use Quickbooks? *
If we have a rate analysis, write in N/A.