Our Mission: We help merchants simplify their payment processing.



Aligning with our Values and Culture

At Polaris Payments, we’re committed to making a positive impact for our clients, our communities and each other. That starts with hiring people who will thrive in our company because they align with our values and culture. 


Our Values

Our values are the ideals that guide how we carry out our mission. Polaris looks for team members whose personal values align with our organizational values and who can propagate them. We encourage our team to speak up when they have questions on whether our actions are consistent with our values.

  • Fair dealings. Do the right thing. We strive to align our thoughts, speech and actions so that we do what is right, just and fair, even when no one is looking. We will be honest with each other, with our clients and with ourselves, regardless of the consequences. We do what’s right for the customer even if it’s not what’s totally best for us.

  • Service over self/help first. We think of others first and we help first trusting that that will come back to us [from the universe].

  • Growth mindset. Continuous improvement, internal & external. Externally with the growth of the company (sales volume, etc.) and internally with both individuals (character development, work ethic, etc.) and internal operations of the company.

Our Principles

We use our principles, developed in accordance with our values, for decision making.

  • Build long-term relationships. We always invest in our relationships with our clients, business partners and team members with a long-term perspective in mind. Recognizing that trust is a critical element to any long-term relationship, we seek to earn and develop it with others.

  • Respect each individual. We want to treat each other with respect and dignity. We strive to serve our fellow team members and help them achieve their full potential. We respect that a person’s life outside of work is important.

  • Crazy good service. We delight our clients with unparalleled customer service.

  • Stewardship and frugality.  Our team members treat this business as if it was their own. We are careful to not waste resources.