Last Chance to Get Free Discover Processing for a Year

In January we announced the Discover "On Us" program. An opportunity for merchants who don't currently accept Discover, to have free Discover processing for a full year. The opportunity to enroll in this promotion ends on December 31, 2014, so if you're interested now is the time to contact Polaris Payments!

Merchants that qualify for this program will receive FREE Discover processing for a full year (0.00% Discount Fees / $0.00 Transaction Fee)

Qualifying for this program is easy. You must have not accepted any Discover cards in the last six months.

Simply follow these steps:

1. Enroll in the Discover "On Us" program through Polaris Payments.

2. Confirm your enrollment with a required test transaction

3. Update signage at your place of business to include the Discover card logo

4. Inform your employees and actively promote Discover to your customers.

Every Discover transaction you process for 12 full months will cost you nothing - no exceptions, no limits.

The more Discover transactions you process, the more you save!

Take advantage of this promotion while it lasts. If you are interested in finding out more, feel free to contact Polaris Payments.