4 Keys to Growing Your Business through Barter

When money’s tight, how do you grow your business?

Have you heard of business to business barter networks? A few years ago we hadn’t either, but it turns out they can be pretty awesome.

Now-a-days just about any industry can be found on a barter network. Everything from professional services like doctors or attorneys, to home repair, even big car manufacturers like Honda has bartered cars for media trade credits.

We aren’t talking about bartering three bushels of wheat in exchange for a few pounds of sugar. This is modern-day barter exchange. One where you can sell your goods/services in exchange for barter ‘credits’ that you can then use within the network.

This is a great way to

a) Help cash-flow (spend your barter bucks instead of cash)

b) Supplement your income (open your business up to a whole new network of opportunities)

c) Network and find new customer groups. Do you know why so many businessmen play golf? I’ll give you a hint. It’s not necessarily because they exclusively love to golf.

d) Sell your excess inventory (why would you sell excess inventory at a discount when you could get full ‘credits’ for it?)

What products or services could you barter? For example if you’re in the hotel industry, what if you bartered excess rooms?

Have you tried a barter exchange network? We’d love to hear about your experiences. Contact us today to find out how you can barter with us on our card processing services.