About Jason Keil

A few fun facts about our founder Jason Keil


Jason has worked in the payment processing industry now for several years, and is actively mentored by some of the most successful people in the industry!

As a guest on both local and nationally syndicated radio programs, Jason shares insights on the future of payment processing and how companies can take advantage of upcoming trends.  He also offers frequent tips and insights on the Polaris Payments blog.

After receiving a B.A. in finance and business at Middle Tennessee State University, he went on to study international business in Austria.


But it’s not all about work….


In high school, Jason played drums in a band that went on to become a Grammy nominated & a platinum selling music group.

An avid adventurer, in 2009 he hiked over 1,000 miles on the Appalachian Trail from Georgia to Pennsylvania, and garnered a multitude of friendships and stories along the way.  In 2011, he married Lillian, the love of his life. For their honeymoon, they rode a tandem bike over 1,500 miles across the United States. Read about it here.

In 2012, Jason’s family expanded with the birth of their first son, Simon, while their latest addition is son Porter, born New Years Day 2014.

In his spare time, he likes to tinker, enjoy the outdoors with his family, travel internationally, and eat interesting food.


Polaris Payments today…..


As Jason traversed the country on foot and bicycle, he engaged with a number of small businesses along the way.  That’s where he developed his strong desire to help these types of companies find additional ways to succeed.

Polaris Payments was founded in 2011 with the goal of providing card processing services that positively impact your bottom line while offering unparalleled customer service and innovative practices to help business owners just like you shine.


And it’s working.


Polaris Payments continues to add customers each month, while receiving overwhelmingly positive feedback.  We’re excited you’re taking a few minutes to look around our site, and look forward to saving you time and money, while impacting your bottom line!