Polaris Payments started as a dream to see business done the way it should be: with excellent service, ethical transparency, and aggressive pricing. Jason Keil, the founder of Polaris Payments, started out providing marketing services to small businesses while volunteering with nonprofits on the side. He noticed there was a chasm between how these organizations were treated and how they ought to be treated. 

Polaris was founded on the idea that it's always better to do the right thing. Business isn't just about the bottom line, but about putting you first. 
Our team works hard to cultivate a culture of unparalleled customer service.

Driven by the latest technology, software, and personalized insight, we have up-to-the-minute understanding on security so you can rest assured that your data will not compromised. We hope to help your business become more efficient, your margins increase, and accomplish your goals.

We believe that when you win, we win. Putting you first is at the core of our business model. Our clients tell us they appreciate our quick and easy set up, reliable technical support, and fair prices. Polaris Payments is adding new customers each month, while continuing to receive overwhelmingly positive feedback