Whether you take payments online, over the phone, or have a software integration, we can help you do it efficiently, securely, and affordably. 

We integrate with several online gateways, but the household name in the payments industry is Authorize.net. They have developed a reputation for being easy to use and integrate seamlessly with thousands of websites, forms and software solutions. 

Take payments on your website or use the Virtual Terminal to key in transactions. Authorize.net even has a free app, if you want to process payments from your mobile phone. You can even integrate Apple Pay into your mobile app or website. 


Authorize.net accounts have free QuickBooks integration, so that your transactions are automatically synced using your existing QuickBooks Online account at no added cost. Author.net also features:

  • Recurring Billing – with automatic recurring billing, you can “set it and forget it” so that your customers can pay you at the frequency they desire. Simply create a new payment, specify what size the payment will be, and select the recurrence (once a week? once a month?) and how many iterations you’d like (3 payments, Indefinite?) Once set, you’re all done! Payments will be automatically captured in the future, so you don’t have to waste time repeating the process every time.

  • Store Cards - with the Customer Information Manager, you can store the card holders sensitive credit card information on authorize.net’s secure servers, while remaining fully PCI compliant.

  • Advanced Fraud Detection - monitor all your transactions behind the scenes for fraud detection. You can create simple filters or alerts to warn you of suspicious activity on your account.